Elite International Mountain Bike X-Country Racer.

 I am riding  for TorQ Fitness in 2013. Follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/_Chris_Andrews to keep up to date.


Hello my name is Chris Andrews and I am from Birmingham England.I am based in Brum (slang for Birmingham ) and do most of my cycling in and around the city.At school and after finishing my studies, I became  more and more interested in mountain biking. I enjoyed cycling over the local hills and after a short spell working at Cadbury’s Bournville, I decided i would love to do cycling full-time. But how? The answer looking back is you have to be prepared to work hard, race hard, train hard and if you are lucky the rest as they say is history. I work part-time at Comet now so i can train and ride as much as possible.

I started riding in fun races, then tried 12 hr and 24 hr fun events. I got a BC licence progressing onto sport XC races, expert and now i  have ridden in the top world-class as an Elite MTB Cross Country rider for just over 3 years.If you want to ride at the top you have to make sacrifices and i have  had to put cycling before all else. It’s not easy.I had a very good first year in Elite, second year was more mixed with a serious leg injury holding me back and i missed several key races as i recovered.

I rode for the uk Pro team Orange Monkey for 3yrs before moving on to TorQ Fitness Racing team. So this winter has seen me take on the gym ,and work on core fitness so that I can hit the ground running this spring. This year will see me focus on UK National races. My aim is to get well into the top 10 on National rounds and pick up UCI points.
I am really looking forward to this season with the new TorQ Fitness team.

New goals, new coach,New TorQ Team, New Challenges.
Living the Dream

Follow me on twitter to keep up to date on what i am doing.


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